Our founder, Anna, is an Dog Guide Mobility Instructor and Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (O&M/COMS). O&M is a unique allied health profession supporting people who are blind or have low vision to travel safely in the environment including using a long cane. Anna has extensive experience training dogs and people to create happy, harmonious and mutually rewarding connections. This work has taken her around Australia and overseas. She is currently based in the western suburbs of Adelaide, Australia.

Anna regularly attends conferences and seminars and is an avid reader of behaviour and training books. Our business philosophy is to work with people and animals effectively and ethically and we advocate force free and positive reinforcement training methods.

Anna is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT), The Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA) and Orientation and Mobility Association of Australasia (OMAA). She has recently completed the Australian Government Department of Health Covid 19 training. 

In 2020 Anna completed studies led by Dr Susan Friedman, Living and Learning with Animals: The Science and Technology of Behaviour Change. 

Anna, smiling, wearing a coloured beanie, holding yellow labrador pup at face height for the camera.